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Hello fellow adventurers!

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Nice to meet you!

Welcome to Frankly I Don't Give A Fork's Website. We are a small group of friends and these are our adventures of slaying figurative dragons. We are a small, but growing, channel that is trying to create a safe and inclusive community. Many of our founders are a part of the LGBTQIA+ community, we are constantly growing our numbers one at a time, trying to make sure that everyone feels welcome and included.

The best way to help support us is to join our Discord, it is free to do so and when you do join, you can look for DnD games to join, debate rules and interpretations of different TTRPGs, and pay the Pet Tax, we demand pictures of all your pets, no negotiations. We play games and watch movies with our community and we try to have at least once a month where we play with different TTRPGs with different players and game masters from our community.

Cartoon Children Playing RPG

Blood and Gore

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